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#AUDM focal point job description

Adopt a Decision-Maker is our national lobbying platform. Learn more about it here.

As the CO2 law makes its way through the chambers of parliament and may reach the Swiss population if they are called to vote, #AUDM is at a critical crossroads. We are looking for a motivated individual to coordinate the growing team and liaise with the national board.

Your profile:

  • As a member of Swiss Youth for Climate, you represent concerned Youth in Switzerland. You must be under 35 years old.

  • You hold interest in climate issues in general and the CO2 law and its current revision in particular

  • You are willing to volunteer some time and energy to coordinate the effort of our adopters and update the national board on the project's status.

  • As we have members from all linguistic regions in Switzerland, we often use English to facilitate dialogue

  • You can start quickly

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