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"Génération Climat" at Bordeaux

Swiss Youth for Climate was invited to the "Assises Européenne de la Transition Energétique" 21st edition, in Bordeaux, to participate the opening session of the event called "Climate Generation", alongside Rise for Climate Belgium (Laura Bazen), Jeunes pour le Pacte France-Climat (Hugo Viel) and Green Planet Africa (Hilda Flavia Nakabuye).

We had the opportunity to present our actions, projects and demands to politicians and a wide audience of a few thousand people.

With us on stage were: Patrick Vergriete (Dunkerque Mayor), Gérald Cretegny (Syndic Ville de Gland), Arnaud Leroy (Ademe) and Patrick Bobet (President of Bordeaux Métropole).

We had a lot of positive feedback from the public regarding the actions and street protests organized by youth. We hope it leads to actions from our politicians as we want only to be heard out loud with a sense of emergency.

This event made me think that we should be more ambitious and bold in our actions for ideas to come to life. One major point for us is: please overlook what you see are our default and act upon our message which is we are in an emergency situation and we ask for your action.

As a picture is always better than a thousand word, please discover these beautiful drawing summarizing our discussion (in french by (c) Louise Plantin).

Thanks to the president of Bordeaux Métropole, Patrick Bobet, for the invitation and every one involved in the realization of this event: it was a great experience.

It was great to meet other associations and other people acting or developing projects to facilitate the energy transition. Still a lot of work needs to be done for these projects to be, not examples, but the norm.

Tahina Lehmann

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