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Description of Adopt a Decision-Maker

What is Adopt a Decision-Maker?

#AUDM is a Swiss Youth for Climate-led initiative to engage national and local politicians and other key people, such as company executives, influencers ... (in short anybody who makes decisions that have an impact on the environment and on climate) to align their decisions with the Paris Agreement and improve Switzerland's stance on climate-issues.

Who can participate?

Anybody who is a member of SYFC can "adopt" a decision-maker of her choice.

What happens once somebody gets "adopted"?

Once you have contacted your decision-maker using one of our ready-made templates, you are ready to start a conversation and explain why he/she should consider climate issues whenever he makes a decision. This is where it gets fun: get ready for real debates! Don't worry, we got you covered: we have a ton of arguments to support climate-friendly behavior and we'll help you convince your decision maker!

Ready to make real change happen?

Join one of our local teams and tell us about your motivation to join Adopt a Decision-Maker.

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